Save Money and Energy While Using Your Range

Are you always looking for ways to save energy and the environment?! These are some very practical suggestions that can be applied to your every day life while cooking on your stove and oven! Some you may to have thought of and some you may already been doing!

1. Energy Efficient Appliances

I feel like most of us nowadays have energy efficient appliances. Those old appliances would work great but were major energy suckers! If you have an appliance after 1992 and after you are in good shape! And every year after that they have improved!

2. Shut the heat off early in your oven and your cooktop.

The stovetop and your oven still produce heat when they're turned off and will still continuously cook your food!

3. If you're boiling water leave the lid on.

This will keep the water from evaporating enabling the temperature to rise more quickly. In turn your water will boil faster!

4. Make sure your oven is sealed properly.

A great way to test to see if your oven is sealed properly is to put a piece of paper on the seal then close the door. If you can easily slide the paper around the perimeter then you may need to replace the seal! You're losing tons of energy by just having a poor seal!

5. No need to heat up your oven to reach the correct temperature

(unless you're baking cookies and cakes of course!) Conserve some heat and energy by placing your food in the oven before it reaches the actual temperature.

6. Choose the correct size burner.

You'd be amazed at the amount of heat escaping when you put a small pot on a large burner.

7. Defrost before cooking

This saves cooking time therefore saving energy!

8. Use minimal water when filling your pot up.

Only use what you need and you'll use less energy and less water heating it up.

9. Swap out your old bulbs for LED.

It's so crazy to think that a different bulb will help you save money and electricity! LED's use 5x's less energy than an incandescent bulb!

10. Use good quality cookware.

If you're using a poor quality, warped, cracked cookware it takes longer to heat up since it isn't conducting properly.

So I hope you make some easy changes! We're so engrained on how we are supposed to think. We just need to break out of these old molds that we have been taught!

Happy Cooking!

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