When you were little you always thought how wonderful and exciting it was to get a piece of mail sent to you, but now that you're older, we open up our mailbox and all there is is junk mail -and bills. Ugh.

Is there anything we can do to at least get rid of the junk mail? (I wished this worked on bills!!) I found a few different ways to help eliminate some of the overwhelming amount of junk that gets delivered to your house every day!

Here's a few ways to help here...


Contact your personal credit card and ask them to place your information on their "in house" list so that it is not sold or traded to other companies. If you happen to get the same credit card company continuously trying to get you to sign up, you can always contact that company to tell them to stop sending you offers if all else fails! You can visit and chose not to receive offers from credit card companies or insurance offers!


This one is always hard for me. I have a guilty conscious when I throw these into the recycle bin! So I'm guilty of letting this one slide. If you contact the original organization to let them know you don't want solicitations or your info sold, then an email should suffice.


It's that big envelope full of local offers and coupons! It's pretty simple to unsubscribe from! Just go to and update your info there! If you still like to look at the offers you can go directly to their site.

You can go one by one through your junk mail and unsubscribe or there's a few quicker options! is free and it allows you to unsubscribe from and catalogs and businesses.

PaperKarma is an app that lets you take a photo of the unwanted mailing with your phone and attempts to do all the work for you.

DMA has been known to work the best and I'd probably recommend to pay the $2 if you receive tons of mail every day! It will last for 10 yrs and requires you to register.

Will these things eliminate all of your unsolicited junk mail? No, but it will cut back on the amount you're receiving! Sometimes just being diligent at unsubscribing and contacting companies pays off!

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