There's so many offerings to choose from!

From in your home or office to online meetings and courses. They can be individualized to suit your needs or concerns. I also try to make them affordable so they are accessible to everyone!

Personalized Online Programs

Do you have specific concerns that you are trying to work through? Are you new to reducing waste or living sustainably? Sometimes we just need the support of someone else! It's hard to change and it's even harder to change without someone there to guide you!

It's really easy!  Email me your concerns or what you want to learn about and we will set up a meeting on a video platform that you feel comfortable with. It's that simple!

I look forward to working with you!


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Sustainability Series

Are you interested in living more sustainably or curious on how to reduce waste but not sure where to start? The Sustainability Series might be a perfect fit for you! It is an interactive online 4 week series so it can be done virtually anywhere!


The format is small group for a 4 week period meeting for about an hour.  The topics range from gardening all the way to low waste living!


**Stay tuned! Fall will be the next Series**

I like to think I walk the walk and talk the talk! 


One of my absolute favorite things is to give back to my community! If you're local, come join me for one of my many cleanups I host every year!

Follow me on social to stay informed of where and when!

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I will host a 

Workshops & Education

I'm always hosting various events either in person or online.  From simple eco swaps, green dentistry, DIY cleaning and the list goes on! Stay up to date by signing up for my email list or on social media. 

If you have a request or are interested in me hosting an event, please get in touch!


Household Waste Class $5! Register Below.

(You will receive the Google Meet Link after payment)

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Volunteering is one of my absolute favorite things to do!


If you're local, come check out my many volunteer opportunities! These range from cleanups to working with various groups to improve their knowledge and access to sustainability opportunities.  

Stay up to date on volunteer opportunities by subscribing to my email list or through social media.

Donations that are collected go towards various projects and Terracycle boxes throughout the city.

Small Business Consulting 

Are you interested in improving your small business? Do you want to stand out amongst the crowd? Many individuals are looking for businesses that care about the environment! I will come into your place of business and guide you through improving your green standards!

We will go through a few things such as...

  • Energy and Water Usage

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs

  • Electronic Records/Paperless Office

  • Purchasing Sustainable Products for your Business

  • Community Engagement

The programs will be individualized per business. Please contact me to discuss what suits your business best!

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