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I have always enjoyed the simpler life and have held a passion for the environment since I was a child. This connection has stayed with me my whole life and I want to help others to find this too. 

Come join me on this journey! Either we can work together one-on-one or you can take one of my workshops. I look forward to working with you on your sustainability path-whatever that may look like! 

Over Time You Will Gain

Reset Your Thinking

Become more self sufficient 

Reduce Your Impact

Set Goals

Personalized  Plans

The Journey Towards Sustainable Living Begins with One Initial Step. 

“Anything environmentally friendly! I felt like I was the only one going crazy mentally about the environment, thinking "I'm not doing enough" or "I could do better." Raymie's encouragement to do the things I can and look into the things I can change in the future-little by little." 

- NK

"I just want to tell you how you have influenced me! We started using cloth napkins and no more ziplocks! I have cleared out a place for a new garden and I'm even thinking of growing loofa. I even have started my own compost! Thank you for making a positive impact on me and the earth!" 


"Raymie has helped me rediscover my connection to the earth and feel confident in my gardening skills!"

- WJ



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